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We are fundamentally different as against other onsultancy companies. By the implementation oriented company strategy out of experiences of the Sole proprietor and President, Mr. Raimund Stempien (Business economist / Computer Scientist) from the global industries (1972 – 1988).

Tayler-made Solutions

We provably develop tailor-made solutions for our customers with additional use since 1988. For this our content customers exhibit "Performance removals with Reference release" (see 5.Examples).

Professional and successful realization into practice

We are different from it quite consciously, since the beginning of our consortium. So it is not usable for any enterprise, to buy expensive paper concepts which internally then are not realizable. The Consultant has not taken on responsibility for his customer to put his concept into action and practice.

Conceiving and converting

According to information of the BDU, Federal Association of the German management consultants there are only 2-3% of all Consultants in Germany which provably successfully put their concepts into the practice. This is our Focus: Feasible conceive and implement successfully to the practice on-site in the enterprise as an external team player with the customer and his teams on leadership and area levels. Please demand us! We will use our professional know-how to also accomplish your goals. Because our motivation is also your "performance removal and reference release". Please, you gather further details from the menu "Management and Organization " as well as "Service".

We like to put performance removals of well-known companies for you at disposal

1. Business goals

Integral, global enterprise safeguarding/-development
Increasing corporate value
Dynamics Executive level.

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8. Controlling

MIS (Management Information System)
Sales (Back office / Field service)
- Purchase / Logistic
Debit<>Actual value
Strategy 1-n

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